Bryggen in Bergen

Published by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage Lag rapport Les på norsk

During the later Middle Ages, Bryggen (the old wharf) in Bergen was a centre of lively international commercial activity. The characteristic rows of parallel houses with gables facing the sea demonstrate a type of architecture that has been maintained for a period of close to 900 years.

Inscribed on World Heritage List in 1979

The properties on Bryggen were composed of one or two long rows of houses with a common passageway. They were combined dwelling and storage houses. Each property had a dock area of its own with a storehouse and a luffing-jib crane.

Only at the beginning of the 20th century did the traditional use of the Bryggen area come to an end. With the changes in commercial relations and new means of communication, a 700-800 year long tradition was broken.

Bryggen in Bergen was protected under the Cultural Heritage Act in 1927.