Published by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage Lag rapport Les på norsk

The part of Oslo that is now called Grünerløkka was originally farmland. Until the end of the 1850s the area between the river Akerselva and the creek Torshovbekken was practically uninhabited. But many factories were already established along the river.

Municipality: Oslo
County: Oslo
Protection Order adopted by the King in Council on 28.04.2006

The area of Grünerløkka was developed as a result of the industrial age and through the rapid expansion in other areas of the city. As it was farmland, it was possible to develop a comprehensive plan for the development of this area, which gives the area a unified impression.

The area that is now protected is called Birkelunden, and is a central part of Grünerløkka. It consists of 15 blocks with 139 apartment buildings, the Paulus church the Grünerløkka School and Birkelunden Park.

City environment of national value

The formal protection of Birkelunden is intended to preserve a city environment of national value. Both the buildings and open areas are protected. In the public areas this will ensure the future of the existing parks and green areas. The streets are also protected.

Birkelunden is a popular and vibrant part of the inner city of Oslo. It is important to keep this part of the city as an attractive area for urban life, both as a residential and commercial area.

The map shows part of the protected cultural environment Birkelunden in Oslo. You can zoom in  further to see more details.