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Releases of technetium-99 from Sellafield


4.2 Releases of substances that are hazardous to health or the environment will be eliminated.


Estimated risk of releases from selected foreign sources that may affect Norway
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Are we moving in the right direction? Published by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority

In the mid-1990s, the technetium-99 discharges from Sellafield to the Irish Sea increased, growing from a few TBq per year to a peak of 190 TBq in 1995. The technetium-99 discharges remained relatively high until 2003-2004, when Sellafield implemented new technology to remove technetium-99.

During the last few years, the discharges have been below 10 TBq per year, and the discharge in 2016 was 1.9 TBq.