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Some reduction in use and releases of hazardous substances


4.1 Pollution will not cause injury to health or environmental damage.


Indicator for releases of substances that are hazardous to health or the environment
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The graphs for the two categories of substances in the figure indicate possible exposure levels for consumers and professional users (for example craftsmen and cleaners). The data for the different substances are supplied by the Product Register, which runs the central register of information on chemicals in Norway.

The indicator does not include hazardous substances in finished articles because the necessary information is not available.

Are we moving in the right direction? Published by the Norwegian Environment Agency

Figures from the Product Register show that the total use of carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances, (known collectively as CMR substances) and the use of substances that pose a long-term environmental hazard has not changed significantly in recent years.

Overall, the use of CMR substances has been reduced. This is mainly explained by a large reduction in their use in paints, cleaning products and solvents. 

The releases of substances that pose a long-term environmental hazard have varied somewhat during the period, but overall, they are at about the same level as in 2003.

Environment Agency focuses on the most hazardous substances 

The Environment Agency is continuously working at both international and national level towards strict restrictions on the use of the most hazardous substances. We are using a variety of approaches to eliminate Norwegian releases of priority substances by 2020.