Target 2.4 | Miljøstatus

Miljømål 2.4 By 2020, a standard of repair requiring only normal maintenance will be achieved for protected buildings, other structures and vessels.

Indikator: Percentage of protected buildings, other structures and vessels for which a standard of repair requiring only normal maintenance has been achieved

Indikator: Number of protected vessels and vessels that are included in the national conservation plan for historical vessels that have been restored

Many protected vessels still in need of restoration

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Are we moving in the right direction? Published by the Norwegian Environment Agency

All the 15 vessels for which protection orders have been issued under section 14a of the Cultural Heritage Act have now been restored and are in good condition. The selection of vessels in this group is being expanded in accordance with Norway’s conservation plan for vessels for the period 2010–17, which calls for systematic work on several categories of vessels. An adequate selection of car ferries has been protected. Three new passenger vessels were protected in 2014. Work on cargo vessels and other types of vessels will continue until 2016, and work on leisure craft up to 2017. 

So far, a further 240 vessels have been protected by means of voluntary agreements between owners and the cultural heritage authorities. Many of these still require a great deal of restoration before they are in such good repair that only normal maintenance is required. The voluntary agreements for these vessels require that they are restored in a way that maintains their historical value and authenticity.