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Problems for the pool frog


1.2 No species or habitat types will become extinct or be lost, and the status of threatened and near-threatened species and habitat types will be improved.


Status of specific threatened species

Are we moving in the right direction? Published by the Norwegian Environment Agency

The pool frog (Pelophylax lessonae) is critically endangered in Norway, where it is right at the edge of its range and only spawns in three small pools in the same area in the south of the country. 

As a result of several very cold winters, there are currently very few adult frogs, particularly females, at two of the localities where the species breeds. At the third locality, several new pools have been excavated near the original one, and this appears to have improved the situation for pool frogs. Nearby pools are also being monitored to find out whether the frogs are spreading to them. At present, the population appears to be so small that this is not happening.

There has been some disturbance around the pools. These are small pools in peat bog, and the peat and vegetation at the water’s edge is easily damaged. There have also been reports of illegal collection of frog spawn. 

The environmental authorities are taking action to boost the pool frog population. The most important of these is to excavate more small pools in the area to increase the number of suitable breeding sites. To reduce pressure on the current breeding sites, a viewing pool is to be established where visitors will have an opportunity to see the frogs.