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Healthy population of golden eagle throughout Norway


1.2 No species or habitat types will become extinct or be lost, and the status of threatened and near-threatened species and habitat types will be improved.


Status of specific threatened species

Areas included in the intensive monitoring programme for golden eagles

Are we moving in the right direction? Published by the Norwegian Environment Agency

There is a healthy population of golden eagle in Norway, and its range covers much of the country. During recent surveys, nesting pairs have been registered in some areas where golden eagle were not previously known to breed.

The most recent nationwide population estimate for Norway is for 2008, and was published by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. This is to be replaced by an updated estimate that will be published by the national monitoring programme for large carnivores.

According to the current estimate, approximately 963 (652-1139) territories were occupied of golden eagles during the last five years (2010-2014).