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Threatened species in the mountains


1.2 No species or habitat types will become extinct or be lost, and the status of threatened and near-threatened species and habitat types will be improved.


Number of threatened species in the following major ecosystems: marine and coastal waters, rivers and lakes, wetlands, forest, mountains and cultural landscapes

Are we moving in the right direction? Published by the Norwegian Environment Agency

Less than 4 per cent (88 species) of the threatened species in Norway live in the mountains. This does not necessarily mean that negative impacts of humans on biodiversity are is less in the mountains than in other ecosystems, but rather that the proportion of species that live here is low.

Examples of threatened species in the mountains include several plants and birds. The mammals wolverine and Arctic fox are also threatened. Wild reindeer are not a threatend species in Norway, but Norway is home to the last remaining viable populations of wild reindeer in Europe, and we therefore have a special responsibility for ensuring their survival.