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Alien organisms in wetlands


1.1 Norwegian ecosystems will achieve good status and deliver ecosystem services.


Number of invasive alien organisms in the following major ecosystems: marine and coastal waters, rivers and lakes, wetlands, forest, mountains and cultural landscapes
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Are we moving in the right direction? Published by the Norwegian Environment Agency

45 of the 217 species on the 2012 edition of Norway’s Black List of invasive alien species are associated with wetlands. Two of these are the raccoon dog, which has been observed a number of times in Norway, and the American mink, which has established wild populations in almost all parts of the country. Action plans have been drawn up for both species and are being implemented.

The raccoon dog is an omnivorous predator that can cause particularly serious damage to ground-nesting birds and amphibians in wetlands. The species is common in Finland and Russia, and the main objective of the action plan is to prevent its establishment in Norway. The steps being taken include information campaigns, the development of an early warning system for observations of raccoon dog, and culling of any individuals that are observed. So far the action plan appears to be giving satisfactory results, and there is no evidence that there is an established population of raccoon dog in Norway.