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State of the Environment Norway aims to provide you with the latest information about the state and development of the environment. The service presents environmental topics in a simple and easy-to-follow way and provides access to more detailed scientific presentations. In addition to articles on a number of topics the service includes maps and data, and you may download the latest data sets. The website also presents Norway's environmental targets and indicators. 

Who is responsible for SOE Norway?

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has assigned the production of State of the Environment Norway (www.environment.no) to the environmental authorities. The Norwegian Environment Agency has the overall editorial responsibility.

The content has been produced and quality checked by the respective environmental agencies. The Directorate for Cultural Heritage is responsible for the topic "The Cultural Heritage". The Norwegian Polar Institute is responsible for "Polar regions", and  The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority is responsible for "Radiation". The Norwegian Environment Agency is responsible for "Fresh water", "Hazardous chemicals", "Climate", "Noise", "Air pollution", "Waste", "Biological diversity" and "Outdoor recreation". A number of different agencies and research institutes are responsible for "Marine areas". 

Statistics Norway, the Norwegian Institute for Water Research, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research and the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research supply the website with data.

Alison Coulthard is responsible for the translation of most of the pages that are available in English.


You are free to use the text, tables, figures and maps from State of the Environment Norway, provided you refer to your source in accordance with the following guidelines:

Text, tables and figures

For text, tables and figures: Source: State of the Environment Norway (environment.no)


Standard copyright rules apply. You must contact our editorial staff if you want to use our pictures.

How to contact us

If you have questions or comments, please send us an e-mail.

You are also welcome to call one of our editors Magnus Voje or Ingunn Selvik, at  +47 73 58 05 00.

Opening hours are from 08.00 to 15.00 from 15 May to 15 September, and 08.00 to 15.45 from 15 September to 15 May.