Published by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage Lag rapport Les på norsk

There are about 100 ruins of medieval buildings and other stone structures in Norway. Most of them are churches, but there are also remains of monasteries and castles. The best-known site in Norway is the ruins of Hamar cathedral. A permanent structure enclosing these ruins was built in 1998.

The ruins are in better condition

Many medieval ruins in Norway were in poor condition. Therefore, the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage started a programme for the protection of the ruins in 2006.

Frost damage threatens the ruins

Ruins are threatened by exposure to the elements such as frost damage, running water and unchecked vegetation, wear and tear.

A management program

Norway's ruins are in need of conservation, and access for the public must also be provided. Better management regimes and plans for conservation in the future are also necessary to ensure that local people and visitors understand the value of these ruins and their surrounding areas as archaeological monuments.

A preliminary study during the beginning of year 2000 revealed that Norwegian medieval ruins were in bad condition. The study concluded that most of the about 100 sites needed extensive repair, and there was a general need, on all sites, for maintenance and improved visitor facilities including information.