The proportion of waste recovered will reach about 80%, based on the principle that the quantity of waste recovered should be increased to a level that is appropriate in economic and environmental terms.


Proportion of non-hazardous waste recovered, based on figures for the total quantity of waste for which information on treatment/disposal is available

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Are we moving in the right direction?

According to Statistics Norway the total recovery of non-hazardous waste undergoing known treatment was 81 per cent in 2013. Recovery has increased significantly since 1995, while the the amount of waste that is landfilled has declined. The goal was that 75 percent of the waste should be recovered by 2010, with a further increase to 80 percent. This goal has been reached.

The Norwegian environmental authorities are working continuously to ensure that the challenges in the field of waste are being met. One important measure that was introduced in 2009 was a ban on the disposal of biodegradable waste. This waste is often suitable for both recovery and incineration with energy recovery. The ban has contributed to a considerable reduction in the amount that is landfilled. 

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